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Mazos: Shadowlands, GANADOR!! del Kotei Manhattan, Kansas
Enviado el Lunes, 04 mayo a las 11:48:02
Tópico: Tierras Sombrías
Tierras SombríasMazo Shadowlands, ganador del Kotei de Manhattan, Kansas, hecho por Chris Nicoll.

Stronghold: The Maw's Grave


1 A New Wall
1 In Time of War
2 Private Trader
3 Secluded Village
3 Secluded Waystation
3 Shattered Peaks (HV)
3 Seiden Sanzo (KD)
1 Shrine to Fukurokujin
1 Traveling Peddler (GotE)
1 The Khan (E&JC)
1 Minting House (Promo)
1 Nairu no Oni (exp.) (KD)
3 Akaru no Oni (GotE)
3 Daku no Oni (IG1)
3 Umi-Bozu (KD)
1 Kayomasa (HV)
3 Chutoburo (KD)
1 Shikibu no Oni (exp.) (THW)
1 Daigotsu Yuhmi (GotE)
3 Furu no Oni (GotE)
1 Kyoso no Oni (exp.3)

Fate (40)

3 Brute Force (HV)
3 Hired Killer
3 Unpredictable Strategy (GotE)
2 Unexpected Arrival (GotE)
2 Ogre Savagery (Gote)
3 Kami Unleashed (GotE)
1 Incredible Resilience (GotE)
3 Caught in the Act (E&JC)
3 Doomed Intentions (KD)
3 Refugees
3 Retribution
2 Ordered Retreat (KD)
2 Sneak Attack
1 The Tale of Tsukuro (W&D)
1 Ring of Water
3 Tsi Blade
1 Armor of the Ryu (GotE)
1 My Grandfather's Blade (UCP)

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Noticia más leída sobre Tierras Sombrías:
Shadowlands de Code of Bushido

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