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Las Cartas que surgirán de los Kotei 2009 (Semana 11)
Enviado el Domingo, 24 mayo a las 09:35:51
Tópico: Kotei
KoteiYa han aparecido las cartas (en estado previo al playtesting) que surgieron/surgirán de las victorias en la 11ª Semana de Kotei.

Kotei Mobile (Aldea del Samurai Perdido) - Ganador: Chris Stevenson - Dragón

It's A Trap Again!
Coste: 0
: Each Personality without a Weapon at the current battlefield receives a Force penalty equal to the number of units now in his army.
Focus: 1

Kotei Fort Worth (Yamasura) - Ganador: Bob Martin - Escorpión

Bearers of Alchemical Weapon
3F / 0C
0HR / 3G
: Transfer any number of attachments from a target enemy Personality to another target Personality in his army. (Attachments that are not legal do not transfer). You may take an additional Battle action.
Focus: 2

Kotei Woodbridge (Heibesu) - Ganador: Josh Griffis - Cangrejo

Wolf Legion
3F / 0C
0HR / 4G
Ronin * Singular This card has +1F for each other Ronin you control.
After this unit assigns, if you are a Crab Clan player: The player with the Imperial Favor discards it.
Focus: 3

Kotei Calgary (Kyuden Tonbo) - Ganador: Case Kiyonaga - Cangrejo

Dragonfly Family
Coste: 0
Battle: Target a Personality in your army who is Crab Clan, a Hero, or an Unaligned Human: Give him a Force bonus equal to the number of units in your home. He may use one of his base abilities a second time this turn. You may take an additional action, which must be from that ability.
Focus: 3

Kotei Barcelona (Shiro Kitsuki) - Ganador: Sebastien Kaczman - Escorpión

Iweko's Journals
Coste: 4
+0F / +0C
Political * Unique
Will only attach to a Magistrate.
Reaction: After a non-Unique Personality enters play, bow this card: Dishonor the Personality. If his controller gained any Honor for the Personality entering play this time, he loses an equal amount of Honor.
Focus: 3

Kotei Budapest (Shiro Kitsuki) - Ganador: Scharwin Farnusch - Escorpión

Recovering the Empress' Journal
Coste: 0
Battle: Give +2F to each Magistrate or Scorpion Clan Personality in your army with Chi greater than a target enemy Personality’s Personal Honor.
Focus: 2

Kotei Saskatoon (Kyuden Tonbo) - Ganador: Case Kiyonaga - Araña

Dragonfly Family
Coste: 3
Battle: Target your Shadowlands Shugenja: Lose 6 Honor. Create two 0F/1C/0PH Shadowlands Undead Personalities in your home, each with the ability, “Fear Battle: Move this card to the current battlefield: Move a target enemy Personality home.” Before this turn ends, destroy all Personalities this action created.
Focus: 2

Kotei Bacolod City (Shiro Utaku Shojo) - Ganador: Lawrence Alejandre - Unicornio

Blessed Herd
Coste: 6
Your Cavalry Followers have +1F.
Bow this card: Produce 3 Gold, or 4 Gold if paying for a Cavalry card.

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Kotei Grenoble

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--> Mori Saiseki

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