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Unicornio, ganador del Kotei Bacolod City
Enviado el Lunes, 25 mayo a las 13:22:01
Tópico: Clan Unicornio
Clan UnicornioMazo Unicornio, ganador del Kotei de Bacolod City, Filipinas, hecho por Lawrence Alejandre.

Stronghold: The Western Steppes (W&D)

Dynasty (40)

1 Winter Storm
1 A New Wall
3 Stables
3 Clan Estate (StS)
3 Secluded Waystation
2 Private Trader
1 Seat of Power
1 Shrine to Bishamon
1 Shrine to Fukurokujin
1 The Khan (E&JC)
1 Western Outpost (UCP)
1 Traveling Peddler (GotE)
1 Utagawa (exp.) (E&JC)
1 Moto Chagatai (exp.5)
1 Shinjo Shono (exp.4) (W&D)
1 Akasha (exp.2) (E&JC)
1 Moto Chen (exp.2) (KD)
1 Utaku Yu-pan (exp.)
1 Moto Choon-Yei (HV)
1 Moto Jin-Sahn (TTT)
1 Moto Yong-Tai (exp.) (W&D)
1 Shinjo Turong (exp.) (StS)
1 Shinjo Xushen (exp.)
1 Utaku Arisa (UCP)
3 Shinjo Kirita (THW)
3 Shinjo T'sao (W&D)
3 Utaku Keiko (HV)

Fate (40)

1 Ring of Water
1 Heavenly Kobune of Suitengu (Tomorrow)
2 Sneak Attack
3 Superior Strategist
3 Unshakable (KD)
3 Flanking Action (KD)
2 Doomed Intentions (KD)
3 Duty
1 Ordered Retreat (KD)
2 Ruthless Advance (KD)
1 Desperate Wager
1 Fury of the Dark Lord
2 Versatile Army (HV)
1 Unwanted Mediation (W&D)
1 Fight Another Day (TTT)
2 Rapid Deployment
2 Recruiting Allies (KD)
1 Shuten Doji's Fury
3 Stay Your Blade
2 Surprising Resistance (Promo)
3 The Saga of Taki (E&JC)

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Noticia más leída sobre Clan Unicornio:
Unicornio, ganador del torneo Footsteps of the Kami

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votos: 2

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por tired el Miércoles, 30 enero a las 13:16:12
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