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Mazos: León, ganador del torneo Empress' Guard de Barcelona
Enviado el Lunes, 22 febrero a las 11:20:11
Tópico: Clan León
Clan LeónMazo León, ganador del torneo storyline Empress’ Guard celebrado en Barcelona, hecho por Sergio García Ángel.

Stronghold: Central Castle


1 The War of Dark Fire (GotE)
1 Akodo’s Guidance (PotD)
2 Senseki Province (TH)
3 Copper Mine
3 Permanent Encampment
3 Newly-Discovered Mine (TH)
3 Imperial Artificer
1 My Father’s Shrine (IG2)
1 Oyo Seido (TH)
1 Chugo Seido (DaK)
1 Limbs of Fudo (Promo)
1 Belly of Fudo (Promo)
3 Akodo Hiroshi (GotE)
3 Matsu Youko (DaK)
3 Akodo Senzo (TH)
2 Akodo Senichi (TH)
3 Matsu Kasei (PotD)
1 Akodo Shigetoshi (exp.2)
1 Akodo Tsudoken (DaK)
1 Akodo Kurogane (IG2)
1 Akodo Shunori (exp.) (PotD)
1 Akodo Ryozo (TH)
1 Matsu Benika (exp.2) (PotD)

Fate (40)

1 De Bellis Yoditorum (Promo)
2 Heavy Elite (TH)
2 Taoist Archer
3 Ronin Brotherhood (GotE)
3 Imperial Elite Guard (GotE)
2 Obfuscation (IG2)
3 Outer Walls
3 The Height of Courage
2 Sneak Attack
1 The Thriving Light (TH)
1 Defensive Screen
3 Banish All Doubt
3 Retribution
3 Unpredictable Strategy (GotE)
3 Final Duty (DaK)
3 Overwhelming Pressure (PotD)
2 Justly Earned Victory

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Noticia más leída sobre Clan León:
León, 2º en el Kotei Valencia

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