Celestial Edition Previews: Shiba Tsukimi + Heavenly Yari of the Phoenix
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Tema Celestial Edition

Dos nuevas cartas en la Página de las Previews de Alderac, y que solo saldrán en los mazos Fénix

Shiba Tsukimi
6F / 5C
16HR / 11G / 4PH
Phoenix Clan • Clan Champion • Samurai • Duelist • Experienced 3 • Loyal • Unique • Shiba's Soul
Your Samurai at Tsukimi's location have a Force bonus equal to the highest Chi of any Shugenja you control.
Battle: Bow a target enemy unit. If you control an Elemental Master, you may target and destroy an attachment. Gain 2 Honor.
"My life, my soul, for the Phoenix."

Heavenly Yari of the Phoenix
Coste: 4
+3F / +1C
Weapon • Unique
Will only attach to a Phoenix Clan Personality.
Reaction: After the resolution of an action whose effects attached a Spell from your hand, bow this card: Straighten a target Personality. Give him +2F.
"To the Phoenix, the Empress grants the fire of Heaven, that it might burn brightly in the world of man." -The Voice of the Empress
Focus: 4

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