Celestial Edition Previews: Doji Domotai + Heavenly Blade of the Crane
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Tema Celestial Edition

Dos nuevas Previews en la página de Alderac de Celestial Edition, y que solo saldrán en los mazos Grulla

Doji Domotai
4F / 6C
40HR / 13G / 5PH
Crane Clan • Clan Champion • Samurai • Duelist • Experienced 4 • Loyal • Unique
Political Reaction
: Even if Domotai is bowed, after the resolution of your action for which you discarded the Imperial Favor as a cost or effect: Draw a card.
Iaijutsu Battle: Domotai challenges a target enemy Personality. Destroy the duel's loser. If Domotai wins, gain 3 Honor and take the Imperial Favor.
"Honor is my strength."

Heavenly Blade of the Crane
Coste: 4
+3F / +1C
Weapon • Unique
Will only attach to a Crane Clan Personality.
Open: Bow this card: Target another player with one or more unbowed Personalities. He may chose to bow one of them. If he did not bow a Personality, gain 2 Honor.
"To the Crane, the Empress grants the beauty of the Heavens, to mirror their own." -The Voice of the Empress
Focus: 4

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