Celestial Edition Previews: Moto Chen + Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn
Fecha Jueves, 28 mayo a las 12:18:55
Tema Celestial Edition

Dos nuevas Previews en la página de Alderac de Celestial Edition, y que solo saldrán en los mazos Unicornio

Moto Chen
6F / 5C
0HR / 14G / 3PH
Unicorn Clan • Clan Champion • Samurai • Cavalry • Tactician • Commander • Experienced 3 • Loyal • Unique
After another player's Political action targets Chen: Its effects do not happen.
Battle: Target an enemy unit with lower force than Chen's unit. Chen tramples it. Destroy it. You may target and destroy a Kolat card in the enemy army.
"The Unicorn will become greater than they have ever been."

Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn
Coste: 4
+3F / +1C
Weapon • Unique
Will only attach to a Unicorn Clan Personality.
Open: Bow this card: Either straighten or remove Cavalry from a target Personality.
"To the Unicorn, the Empress grants the will of the Heavens, that their path might never stray again." -The Voice of the Empress
Focus: 4

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