Celestial Edition Previews: Bayushi Paneki + Heavenly Ninja-to of the Scorpion
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Tema Celestial Edition

Dos nuevas Previews en la página de Alderac de Celestial Edition, y que solo saldrán en los mazos Escorpión

Bayushi Paneki
7F / 5C
-HR / 13G / 3PH
Scorpion Clan * Clan Champion * Samurai * Tactician * Hero * Experienced 5 * Loyal * Unique
After Paneki assigns to a battlefield at a province: You may discard a Dynasty card at one of the Defender's provinces.
Political Battle: Bow a target Personality. Destroy him if he is dishonorable. You may then target and dishonor a Personality.
"Deception is my strength."

Heavenly Ninja-to of the Scorpion
Coste: 4
+3F / +1C
Weapon • Unique
Will only attach to a Scorpion Clan Personality.
Your provinces have +2 strength while this card is in play.
"To the Scorpion, the Empress grants the shadow of Heaven, that they might be ever hidden." -The Voice of the Empress
Focus: 4

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